Every slab has a story

Wholesalers of traceable, sustainable, beautiful wood.
What we do

Since 2011, Coastal Slabs has provided our unique wood to commercial and residential projects world-wide.  Our Vancouver Island wood is sourced only from windfall damage, urban salvage where a tree poses a threat, or third party certified, privately owned wood lots.


Unlike traditional wood processors, Coastal Slabs’ boutique approach allows for hand selection and care to ensure optimization of nature’s beauty and use of material that would otherwise be discarded.


Sourced, cut, and kiln dried all within 100 miles from stump to slab.  Our unique method aims to be better stewards of the environment.  We offer a renewable building material that is simply stunning and versatile while still committed to social and environmental responsibility.


Whether container loads for export or a one- off slab for a restaurant, Coastal Slabs is as dedicated to each customer’s unique requirements as we are to ensuring respect for the environment.



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