Every slab has a story

Wholesalers of traceable, sustainable, beautiful wood.

Coastal Slabs recieves calls every day to source wood for specific projects. A few Examples:

Rafter Tails

A United States construction company hired Coastal Slabs to track Reclaimed Western red cedar for a project in Carmel, California.  The wood, eventually intended as rafter tail ends, needed to be old growth and clear.


Our solution was 150 year old reclaimed bridge timbers from Vancouver Island. The timbers required power washing to get rid of any gravel left over from time in the river bed, and after scanning, we milled close to true dimensions. The surfaces were combed and shipped out to be cut to length on-site.


Reclaimed Glue Laminated Table

Rafter Tails installed, Carmel California


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A local Vancouver Architect required a reclaimed glue laminated Douglas Fir beam.  The idea was to create a table by ripping the beams down and laminating back together to create a large table for a coffee shop.


Coastal Slabs has access to over 40,000 bdft of various reclaimed material. Finding the right thickness and quality took a bit, but in the end was well worth the challenge.