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Our Partners

Oregon Canadian is a specialty manufacturer of coastal softwoods with facilities based in Surrey, British Columbia. We specialize in high grade clears and carry a significant inventory of Douglas-Fir, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock and IPE. A proud dealer for Coastal Slabs.

thisforest traces the stories of forest products from the forest of origin to the marketplace. There is a growing consumer demand for transparency regarding the products we purchase fed by a will to make ethical purchasing decisions. Lead by the organic and local food movement, consumers now want to know where their purchase originated, and how it ended up in the marketplace. Traceability technology utilized in thisforest serves this consumer demand, allowing consumers to discover the forest of origin for their products, and reward businesses, forest entreprises, and individuals who have a great story to tell. The initiative is the first of its kind in Canada and is poised to become a world leader in traceability of consumer products.

BC Wood is a not-for-profit trade association that supports BC businesses that manufacture wood products. We are a voice for the industry, bringing innovative ideas to the table and insight into how we can strengthen BC’s wood culture. We are leading the industry by creating a culture where wood is the first choice for all types of construction and design products.

The Wood Planet website is for buying & selling wood products. Take advantage of the free or premium services to locate inventory, get price quotes or sell stock.


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The initial concept, which started in North Vancouver in 1969, was to create a specialty plywood warehouse which would bring stock closer to the contractors in the area and serve home owners and do-it-yourselfers. The marketing plan at that time, as it is today, is to specialize in hard to source interior and exterior home finishing products including flooring, doors, and mouldings. We believe in responsible sourcing, high quality products and supporting our local communities.