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Founder's Note


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Moving out to Vancouver Island from the Canadian Prairies in 2005 and being immersed in the millwork business, I was taken by the beauty of the Coastal forests.  On many dog walks I was amazed by the variety of different trees and vegetation.  As I continued to work in the industry, I realized that local treasures were often overlooked by an industry focussed on providing dimensional type lumber products.


I started having a personal interest in collecting the most unique slabs with a storied past.  Customers began asking me to locate wood for their projects, and an opportunity appeared to connect these people with the storied wood.  The ability to provide rare, yet renewable treasures to customers who share the same appreciation for our coastal slabs is truly gratifying.

Coastal Slabs display at BC WOOD 2011

Global Buyers Mission in Whistler, B.C.