Every slab has a story

Wholesalers of traceable, sustainable, beautiful wood.
How we do it

Coastal Slabs selects wood from non traditional methods. Investing time and care to best serve the environment and our customers. We find the most unique material, offering the very best in quality, character, with the least impact possible to the environment, all the while, supporting the local mills, graders, kilns, and millworkers. Our customers and our community all benefit from our value added proposition.


We source material from a variety of methods:

Urban fall, usually resulting from development, windfall, or trees which pose a hazard to existing homes.

Privately owned wood lots, Coastal Slabs doesn’t purchase logs from the big guns, we support the family owned wood lot, where most often, logging, milling, and re-plant is all done by the same hands. These lots are passed down from generation to generation, and who could be better stewards of the land than a father looking after a son’s future. Third party certification of a wood lot is our criteria if we’re to do business.


Did you know?  Vancouver Island Western Maple character logs are typically destined for chipping for future use as tissue paper, such a shame!



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Logging – we only purchase from the source, no broker, no mass markets, every tree is inspected for quality and environmental impact.


Sawyer -   Typically our logs are cut into slabs and sized on-site where the wood lot owner is also the sawyer.  That way we’re not transporting waste material while keeping revenue in the owner’s pockets.


Kiln Drying - Our slabs are often kiln dried at a local high school.  The money raised goes back to fund the wood shop program at the school.   Typically we air dry prior to the kiln to minimize the energy required in the drying process.  Some of our wood lot owners also kiln dry on-site, again minimizing transportation of wet, heavy wood.

Once our slabs are selected and cut, we ensure any leftover wood is used for flooring, lumber, wood turners, and even fire wood.